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Jewelry passionflower 18/10/2017

Jewelry passionflower
Via living succulent plants with jewelry passionflower, Susan Mcleary seemed to go one step further, that is, you may be possibly seen little wearable planters. The real living succulents have been hand chose for every piece. Next, they are connected to the accessories and may grow up to from 2 to 4 weeks. After that you may divide the plants from the base and pot it, that is, not only you may retain wearing the jewelry, but also retain the greenery for years to come. That is, the creator aff...

The unique beauty of Transylvania 17/10/2017

The unique beauty of Transylvania
Look! The unique beauty of Transylvania that presents us something as challenged Cristian Suciu. That is, this beauty made him expand the boundaries and assisted him to get closer to himself. It might be also generated his wish to introduce his world not only via the lens, but also via the filter of the soul. The intention of these series is to illustrate the beauty of the region in each season and every moment of the day. Please let enjoy the scenery and allow your soul dive into perfection....

Few places do spring similar to Japan does spring 16/10/2017

Few places do spring similar to Japan does spring
In the world, few places do spring similar to Japan does spring. The vivacious and delicate cherry blossom was one of earth’s most magnificent natural miracles, and there is nothing quite comparable strolling below those transient petals and wondering at how incredible Mother Nature may be. In order to celebrate the arrival of Japan’s most magical season, National Geographic asked community members to show in their best pictures of the country’s famous cherry blossom. That is, you may t...

The winter on the beautiful Lofoten in the Norway 13/10/2017

The winter on the beautiful Lofoten in the Norway
Do you used to realize a week in the winter on the beautiful Lofoten in the Norway? Via Bored Panda he could love to share with us his images from one of the most wonderful place in Europe. As seen in images, he spent one week in Lofoten, Norway. He seemed to have sleepless nights due to auroras. He might take pictures in the rain, in the snow and in the wind. He had been picturing landscapes for something around 10 years at present, yet Lofoten beat all the records. Note that mountains, beac...

Do you really know Bonsai trees? 12/10/2017

Do you really know Bonsai trees?
They are awesome and you may ask Mr. Miyagi about these trees. That is, they viewed lovely, they were apt in your house, they inspired patience and enthusiasm, they relieved stress and lastly they may assist to purify the air. Yet, what was not to like? Many people were caring for Bonsai trees for more than a thousand years. Based on profile, the ancient horticultural practice started in China. This was well known as “penzai” and then it was late improved under the stimulus of Japanese Ze...